Step 2: Find a Provider

Finding a vendor or a supercar “store” near you can actually be difficult. Generally there are only 2 or 3 in a country and if you live far from a major city, then you will have a difficult time.

Ferrari CarAlternative option: buy online.

As we mentioned most people don’t have the facility to purchase supercars from vendors directly, so instead just take to the internet. Although we never recommend buying a supercar directly from the brand or official website. AKA don’t go to to buy a california, instead take to websites like or simply use Google to find one in your country. “Supercar Type in Location” search string.

Ferrari HireWhat supercar to go for?

This question could go on for hours, but in our experience you want to start in the middle. And also obviously base it on your personal budget. If you have £100,000 to spend, remember you might need support, servicing, insurance, and all of the add-ons they will convince you into getting. The question of old vs new or classic vs modern as it is referred to now is another interesting discussion. Do you decide to go for a machine that is going to be classic or timeless or are you going for something with extreme precision and accuracy… The decision is up to you.

Aston martin car hireRemember Re-sale value

Although you probably won’t think about this when you are considering a supercar, it does bare discussion, in as much as you will need to remember that newer models will actually get you less proportionally than classic ones in 1-5 years time. This is due to older models becoming antiques and collectibles. Newer models will likely loss a third of the value as soon as you drive them home….

Don’t listen to the sales pitch

Have you ever noticed that Aston martins, Ferraris, Lambos, and all the supercar companies never run ads? That’s because their audience doesn’t look at ads, their audience is the ones creating the ads in the first place, the advertising company’s CEO owns a Ferrari, the business getting the ad created has an Aston and so on…. So you will never see any offers. But you will get the sales pitch, it will just be based around quality, rather than monetary offers. Also remember that the top supercar agencies can hire some of the top salesmen and women. 5% of a ferrari is more than 5% of your average Fiat!

Stay Safe Online

My final tip is to stay safe online, don’t pay online without seeing the car in person and always use a secure payment method with legal contracts. You might have to spend £500 on legal fees and contracts but you will save yourself thousands in the long run if anything goes wrong.

Step 1: Welcome + Basic Tips

Hi and welcome to buying a supercar!

This is the first instalment in a number of weekly/monthly tips telling you the best ways to purchase expensive items AKA SUPERCARs. Although we write about car tips you can actually apply this information to anything in life or business, especially geared towards making big purchases. This first instalment is probably going to be extremely obvious for most people but its a figure and stat we like to remind people thinking of making a huge purchase (although usually purchasing a house falls outside of this)

There are literally hundreds of types of supercars you can buy; Ferrari’s, Aston Martins, Lambos, DB9s, so many its impossible to write them all in one place, but the 2 most important things to remember when deciding whether or how to purchase a super are the following:

1.) RENT (HIRE) A SUPERCAR – Never Buy it!

When you buy a depreciating asset outright you instantly lose value on it. The second you drive your new Aston martin or Ferrari out of the showroom you lose 25% of its value. This is a fact. Simply drive one off and try sell it to the showroom down the road, you will be lucky to get over 60% of the value back!

Hire Supercars Don't buy them!

Hire Supercars Don’t buy them!

2.) Don’t make a purchase above 1 year’s salary

This may not be a fact / metric you have heard before, but its essential you understand it! We recommend you do not buy a car you couldn’t afford to pay off in 2 years (all other things the same). For example if you make $50k per year, then you should only pay a maximum of $50k for a car. Even if you have 6 years to pay it off (Which you should buy it anyway, because we just said you should rent it!) But anyway if you do ignore the first rule, do not ignore this one!

Thanks for reading.